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Is this correct for my build?
(Include: Make, model, year of bike)

Modernized R-Series (Airhead) Specific Electrical Hub.

Custom Wiring Diagram

is included in every R21 purchase. Fully customized diagram for you and your unique bike. Just contact R21service@nwtcycletronic.com


Simplifying the electrical system means less points of failure. To fully understand and/or have questions regarding your custom diagram and how it applies to your wiring project, contact R21service@nwtcycletronic.com

Install Instructions

( EnDuraLast_R21_Installation.pdf )

Recommended setup A

( R21 Setup A.pdf )

Recommended setup B

( R21 Setup B.pdf )

EnDuraLast R21


 Comprehensive and personalized.

Wednesday to Sunday
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(Mountain Time UTC/GMT -7h)

We provide comprehensive and personalized assistance to R21 customers. Engineers that designed your R21 will be your personal assistants. 

So help them, help you by preparing the following beforehand:

  • a copy of your invoice
  • factory wiring diagram specific to the bike
  • include year and model of your Airhead
  • a list of all electrical parts you plan of using (factory or aftermarket – speedometer/gauges, lights, regulator, rectifier, battery, etc…)
  • diagrams for ALL AFTERMARKET PARTS for wiring verification

Our techs are very exacting and thorough. Be detailed on all information as we want to ensure nothing is missed and that all components are working together properly.

If you are unclear about what details and/or information to prepare or provide, don’t hesitate to contact our techs and they will give you the necessary assistance.

Sometimes you can’t explain it and just need to show it. Take advantage of Instagram video chat to connect with our techs so they may better assist you.

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